Be Secured

Applications and networks are protected with the help of cybersecurity services. From IT security consulting to pentesting to enhancing cybersecurity posture, Future Techno India offers end-to-end information security services that reduce risks and minimize the consequences of cyberattacks.

Complete the Journey from Being Exposed

to Being Empowered with Future Techno India

To build a better future, you are constantly implementing new technologies and customizing business applications. The requirements to ensure continuous innovation are minor but essential. A public network should provide access to all the resources employees working remotely or in branch offices need. A digitally enabled workspace is one in which your infrastructure is secure and can be accessed from any device. Additionally, our security is being breached more and more sophisticatedly by hackers.

As a result, we simplify security algorithms and deploy them based on your resources’ priorities and risks. Whenever any endpoints or applications are added to your network, we update your security policy. Our goal is to help you reach your business goals as soon as possible. We help you build a trust-based security culture. By providing your employees with secure access to your intellectual properties on their personal devices, we equip your IT stack with controls such as multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, identity access management, and more.


Place the Foundation of a Reliable

and Secured Business Ecosystem with FTI

We, being a Sophos Platinum partner, deploy the right mix of tools to give you complete visibility of your IT resources which are distributed across private, public or hybrid cloud environments. 

Build a satisfied clientele by providing a consistent user experience

Connect your remote workforce securely to cloud and other business applications to ensure smooth operation.

Ensure sound security posture for your digital transformation and BYOD initiatives by integrating background applications.

Utilize our services to secure your infrastructure resources so you can focus on your changing business needs.

What We Offer

We offer an umbrella of services wherein we take care of your entire IT infrastructure, networking systems, applications as well as the cloud deployments so that you have ample time to focus on your core responsibilities.  

Microsoft Security Solutions

Our team of Microsoft Gold partners works with you to implement Microsoft Security solutions in your organization to give you peace of mind and time to focus on other innovations.

Infrastructure Security

We offer a suite of Microsoft applications that allows you to bring your employees on the same page irrespective of their locations. We also add our expertise to customise these Microsoft applications to suit your specific needs.


We build applications that allow you to harness the power of Microsoft Power BI, unearth insights and use the intelligence gained from it to make informed decisions and formulate plans to build a strategic advantage.

Mobility Applications

We drive consistent user experiences over multiple devices and platforms for you by creating mobile applications after getting a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, enabling you to build a loyal customer base.

Web and Application Security

Our team evaluates your applications to determine whether their databases, codes, and servers are at risk. Every aspect of the applications is protected. Protect your business applications stack with industry-leading tools and specialized methods from manual as well as commercial attacks.

Corporate Consulting

We assess your competencies and align your processes and systems with your objectives so that you can realize your goals as early as possible and stand out from the competition.

Support your Business Development Efforts

and Be at the Forefront of the Technology Curve

You can migrate securely from legacy applications and infrastructure to the modern one and improve operational efficiency, enhance collaboration, and break data silos.

Incident Response Services

We assess your network resources with a fine lens and ensure quick response in case of any breach. We learn from our past experiences and formulate guidelines to ensure your secured and flourished future.

Implementation Services

We configure antimalware and firewall in your IT infrastructure to enable it to survive the dynamic technology landscape and modern threats so that you can maximise outcomes from the technological developments.

Optimisation Services

We deploy best practices to analyse your IT resources, conduct remediation audits regularly to ensure that you are able to navigate through different technologies and steer your business towards growth and development.

Technical Services

We are the leading technology solution providers across the globe and hence are the ideal company to trust when it comes to ensuring the security of the new technological devices and endpoints.

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