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The goal of IT support is to reduce IT costs and maintain failsafe workflows. FTI's IT support services include an IT help desk, Network Operations Center (NOC), and software support to guarantee superior user experiences and constant improvement in your IT processes.

What You Get from Cloud Consulting

Multi-tier incident resolution pipeline:

1. User support.
2. Support from a technical team.
3. A team of software engineers.

Regulatory compliance assessments.

1. Benchmarking of IT environments against PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.
2. Compliance gap mitigation plans.

Self-service training materials for users:

1. Knowledge base articles.
2. FAQs.
3. User manuals.

User satisfaction and adoption improvements:

1. Testing and monitoring UX.
2. Based on the results of surveys and user experience studies, develop CSAT improvement plans.

Detailed descriptions of the IT infrastructure and operating procedures:

1. Maps of networks.
2. Network configuration database.
3. Improved infrastructure plan.

Regular and transparent reporting:

Service level reports.
Maintenance reports. Health check reports.
Security assessment reports. Incident reports with root cause analysis

Want to Get Result-Oriented IT Support?

To boost the efficiency of your IT infrastructure, FTI's IT support team will monitor detected and reported incidents continuously and resolve them as soon as possible.

The competitive advantages of FTI's IT support services

Feasibility analysis of IT support projects​

Our team analyzes the TCO and ROI of supported assets before we begin the support process and assesses how much these financial estimates will improve after the support period begins.

Result-oriented service and transparent reporting​

Regular reports on IT support activities and service quality are provided with clear metrics to ensure strict adherence to service level objectives. The following KPIs are used in our support projects:

Long-term collaboration​

The benefits of long-term IT support include fewer transition periods and integration phases for the customer, and well-tailored working routines for the support team.

Choose Your Cloud Consulting Option


                    Cloud migration

We build a pragmatic migration strategy that allows:

  • Minimizing re-development efforts.
  • Achieving a fine performance-consumption balance for your cloud environment.


       In-cloud app development

  • We design cloud architectures
  • Design and help implement CI/CD pipelines for fast and safe code delivery
  • Help you select cloud technology stack


        Cloud optimization

We review your cloud environment and issue procedures to eliminate its existing deficiencies (e.g., redundant resource consumption).

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