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Our team designs and develops web, mobile, and cloud business applications of various complexity and for various needs. As part of the process, we pay close attention to their flexibility, security, speed, and integration potential.

Application Development Services from FTI

Your Concepts + Our Expertise = Innovations and Inventions

Businesses are turning to core business applications to streamline their processes, boost employee engagement, and improve productivity. By harvesting data from connected applications, businesses are able to take quick actions on customer feedback and relevant issues; basically, improving their bottom line. With FTI, you can unleash the full potential of technology.
Then we tailor solutions for you after understanding your requirements and your niche market. Using leading industry practices such as DevOps and Agile, we deliver truly exceptional user experiences. In order to enhance agility in your business processes, we integrate these applications with the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and more. Bring your business ideas, create new opportunities and gain a competitive advantage with our strategies and solutions.

You Conceptualise, We Engineer

Application Development Services from Future Techno India

We are skilled to develop, design, manage and secure diverse applications and respond quickly to your request of introducing new capabilities and functionalities in the applications.

Deliver consistent user experience to build a satisfied client base

Drive intelligence from the connected applications to accelerate business growth

Get applications designed from us to add value to your business

Automate routine processes to enhance operational efficiency

What We Offer

We house a team of experienced developers who always keep themselves abreast of the industry trends to infuse your applications with data analytics capabilities.  

Enterprise and Cloud Applications

We are trained to use a wide variety of technologies to cover every development aspect of application engineering cycle starting right from the idea collation, design to deployment in cloud and its maintenance.

Modern Workplace

We offer a suite of Microsoft applications that allows you to bring your employees on the same page irrespective of their locations. We also add our expertise to customise these Microsoft applications to suit your specific needs.


We build applications that allow you to harness the power of Microsoft Power BI, unearth insights and use the intelligence gained from it to make informed decisions and formulate plans to build a strategic advantage.


We are the proven experts for implementing business process automation, robotic process automation, cognitive solutions, and IQ bots across businesses to improve the way they interact with systems and data and maximize their potential.

Mobility Applications

We drive consistent user experiences over multiple devices and platforms for you by creating mobile applications after getting a thorough understanding of your specific requirements, enabling you to build a loyal customer base.

Product Engineering and Development

We follow a holistic approach in developing a product development roadmap which is inclusive of all the milestones to keep you informed about the risks and opportunities associated with it for proper future planning.

Custom Development and Integration

We help you refocus and reorganize applications to optimize business processes so that the required digital transformation capabilities are easily introduced in the operations and desired outcomes are achieved.

Data Solutions

We place business data at the heart of our data solutions and help companies transform their business in the data space by addressing all the needs right from data analytics, and business strategy to deep contextual insights.

Microsoft Dynamics Solutions

We have extensive knowledge about every Microsoft Dynamics 365 module and possess the skillset to deploy the same in your business environment in a manner that complements your existing routine operations.

Stand Out from the Rest with

Application Development Services from Future Techno India

We empower you to turn your innovative ideas into reality by providing you with the right and intelligent business applications.

Application Development and Design

We build applications using the latest platforms and infrastructure so that your data analysis capabilities are boosted, and you can take digital transformation initiatives.

Application Migration

We move your legacy business applications to the cloud so that you are able to realise several benefits such as scalability, quick monitoring and resolution of issues and more.

Application Modernisation

We evaluate your applications and suggest methods for modernizing them so that you can survive future disruptions.

Application Security

Our team regularly tests and assesses applications with the latest security solutions to keep your data safe.

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